NODE13 opening on February 11th 2013

NODE 2013
The NODE is a festival for digital arts and culture. The Forum emerged from the community around the multipurpose toolkit vvvv. It’s a week long rush of A/V performances and exhibitions by artists of the digital and analog media scene from all around the world.

The bienal event is a week-long rush of theoretical and practical workshops and lectures, exhibitions, artist presentations and discussions with visitors from all over the world. Hence, it’s not only a forum for presenting, but also for the production of arts, ideas, and viewpoints. NODE invites some of the most established producers of computer- and software arts as well as local artists to show their work in an exhibition on the forum’s topic, give insight into their production during the nightly talks and share their knowledge at hands-on workshops during the day.

For all Workshops and Happenings till Sun. February 17th see the timetable:

NODE13 timetable

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