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The exhibition will be openend on SAT 03/20. For 7 days during the festival various installations will be hosted at zeitraumexit where you can experience interactively with visual works or be yourselves part of the staging.

By cooperating with the Jetztmusikfestival the B-Seite will be the combines location for both festivals. Thus the exhibition will find a numerous and expert audience and we definitely hope for it to become a center of interdisciplinary exchange.

The exhibition is meant to be made up not only by B-Seite treasures hunted down and excavated by our curators: We love you to contribute your own recent und as-yet unknown projects. As in the last two editions you can send in your applications, showreels and ideas and we will pick the most promising projects for the program.

Please apply to:

Verein für visuelle Kunst und Jetztkultur e.V.

Benjamin Jantzen
u2, 1a
68161 Mannheim