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Several VJ setups are ready to provide visual entertainment and many participants regard this as an important input. Anybody interested is asked to enter his/her name into on of the VJ slots in order to jam with top notch DJs and musicians in front of an expert public. Definitely there will be a Triplehead2Go-Setup - we're counting on you make full use of this opportunity -, but other possibilities and technical gadgets as well to showcase your talent.

Starting from 03/23 each night will have its lounge and clubbing area PLUS intriguing actions indoors and outdoors (mappings e.g.). Additional venues are provided by our B-Seite partner Jetztmusikfestival and by the Time Warp on 03/27.

Soon we'll have a tool ready on this page whre you can enter yourselves into the various slots. Additionally you can send in your applications by mail or email, especially if you have materials that can be used in marketing and advertising the program.

Please apply before 2008/12/31 to

Verein für visuelle Kunst und Jetztkultur e.V.

Benjamin Jantzen
u2, 1a
68161 Mannheim