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The owners of a record player will easily relate to the concept of the Festival for Visual Arts and Contemporary Culture: sometimes itís the unimposing "B" that is hiding the true gem of a vinyl record. B-Seite is tracing these jewels that are prospering out of the limelight. B-Seite risks a second look and does not refrain from placing the needle on the grooves that have gone unnoticed.
This non-commercial festival deals with all varieties of modern visual arts, explores media intersections and opens up new perspectives, a different way to look at new trends and developments. Video art, computer art, interactive projection and light design are the cornerstones of this event, discussions, lectures and workshops will complete the offering.
Additionally, the second VJ conference in the South of Germany will be held.
One of the most enjoyable improvements of the festival week, is the close cooperation amongst Jetztmusikfestival 2010 (by the Mannheim based cosmopop agency) and the B-Seite festival.

Innovative and particularly interdisciplinary projects of different art trends were able to be implemented by the combined sponsorship of the representative of music und pop culture of the Stadt Mannheim as well as the FilmCommission Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar.

The representative of music und pop culture, Sebastian Dresel, calls this cooperation a major step:

"Through the collaboration of both festivals as well as the combined sponsorship with the FilmCommission as a part of the Mannheimer Kulturamt, subsidies and competences are used more effectively. B-Seite is a great appendix and enrichment of the Jetztmusikfestival week. It is a brilliant designed festival on itís own. On the other hand B-Seite is able to work and communicate on a higher level attaining the deserved publicity due to the professional incorporated organizational structures of the Jetztmusikfestival&qout;.

Michael Ackermann sees in the cooperation an important signal as well:

"A win-win situation emerges from the cooperation of both festivals for all participants. Besides the well-known wide spectrum represented by the Jetztmusikfestival, the festival week will be enhanced by outstanding visual arts events and the VJ-conference of the B-Seite festival.
Visitors of both festivals will expect a manifold state of the art festival program."