AV Performance Day and Night


Born in the Netherlands but currently living in Scotland for the past 1,5 year. Back in 2010 i started a successful projection mapping company but due to the workpresure/workhours and city life i lost my creativity and motivation at the end of 2014. This resulted in stopping the hole company and the beginning of a new adventure. For a hole year i just traveled around the world, seeking what to do next. It was only after spending huge amounts of time in nature and my arrival in Scotland that i found my creativity back.

In this experimental phase of questioning life, searching answers and give yourself time and space to developed a new way to produce work. Now i am not making commercialized work, but work only in a artistic way which gives me such a amazing feeling of freedom.

I hope to create work that fills the cape between nature and technology. To experiment with triggering our sub-continuous. To let the audience see what i see in nature.