Dylan Cote & Pierre Lafanechère

Media artists and designers

Dylan Cote and Pierre Lafanechère are two media artists and designers based in Paris. They are mainly working on moving images, sound and installations, in order to tell a story, establish a specific atmosphere, create a sensitive experience, according to an idea, a project, a moment. This process includes the music field which they are very active within (live visual, stage design, music video…). They work with music events and international electronic music artists. They also pursue more personnal visual researches by experiencing and diverting various techniques from their proper use, using the aesthetic potential of new media. Through motion design, code, sound creation, installation or light, they strive to set up poetical and critical spaces. It creates fragments of fiction which give us a view on current issues of techno-social changes. They are members of the OYÉ visual art label. Created in 2015, it brings together artists and designers around projects related to digital art.