Magic of Circle

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Folowing The School of Industrial Design in Belgrade and the turbulence of Yugoslavian wars, leaves Belgrade to study painting at the Faculty of Visual Arts in Cetinje, Montenegro. She receives a master’s degree with thesis ‘Image an Open Medium’. Nature and new technologies are the basic Katarina’s Interests reflect through different works from drawing, painting, digital painting and animation, graphic design, sculpting, land art, to product design, performance, music and sound.
Katarina Becomes a member of Montenegrin Association of Artists, and informal group of artists Shift (now Kombinat). She participates mostly for projects and researches from 1998, experimenting with land art, sound and new media. Since the 2006, when the Faculty of Visual Arts, Mediterranean University, in Podgorica has been founded, she has works as a professor of interdisciplinary visual arts. She participates in many individual and group art exhibitions, art residences and workshops.
Lives and works in Podgorica, Montenegro.