Kirsten Swensen

WorkInProgress Performance: Kirsten Swensen meets DMAN


Kirsten Swensen, Photographer, VJ and Visual Artist living in Eindhoven. With a profound interest in the nexus of art & technology and with a background in photography, Kirsten started making audio-visual installations and generative art. Swensen’s works take on multiple forms such as interactive installations, visual performances, and video pieces. Her works are shown at international festivals and museums including van Abbe Museum (NL), Adelaide Festival (AU), Glow (NL)

"I design interactive products and installations for the public context. Currently I am busy with making generative art, visual content and 3D modules for various light installations or festivals. My wish is to give the people a great experience, whether it's in the form of a live AV performance, exhibition or concert. To me its very important to wonder again. The most important themes is my work are theme’s like the universe, losing track of time, transcendance, sensible energy, alienation, the things we cannot perceive yet we do feel, the individual vs. the whole. Our core senses. I want people to connect not only with others but more so, with themselves.

My vision is trying to inspire and connect people through my art. I want people to feel, and experience. As an artist I like to move within different frameworks, using varius mediums. From working with analog material to working with new technologies."