Mads Faste Liang Nilsen

Workshop: Projektor Pøblene


Mads Faste Liang Nilsen, also known as Mads Meskalin or MFLN, is an audio/visual artist and producer currently located in Norway. Having experience from clubs, concerts, theatre, performance, installations and teaching, within fields such as sound design, light design and projection mapping, Mads have an interdisciplinary approach and works with multimedia in different ways. Each field of expertise becomes another tool in the toolbox, and the composition consists of the combination of the tools used. As an educated social worker, Mads also hosts a number of workshops, where he shares his knowledge with whoever is interested.

Actually, I´m Mads, so no need for a third person narrative.

You could say that I´m a technician, you could say that I´m an artist, you could say that I´m both, or you could say that I´m neither. I work creatively with technique, and I work technical with creativity. Technique becomes the channel for my creativity, but technique also becomes centrepiece of which many of my creative ideas orbit around. Almost falling between two stools, but not.

I also believe in being the good guy. I believe that by working hard, by challenging yourself, and by supporting social initiatives, people can make a difference. People like you and me."