AV Performance Aquatint


Michael Denton and Anna McCrickard formed Overlap in 1999 as a platform for music, electronic art and music industry, festival
and gallery activities including single screen videos,VJing, audiovisual performances and installations. Overlap have developed a
style outside film, TV and video art - a way of abstracting and combining imagery that has a musical or painterly logic rather than a
narrative based or conceptual one. A visual take on serialism - wallpaper with conceits.
Recent Overlap works explore the relationship between still and moving imagery through use of discreet picture planes,
obscuration techniques and implied motion within transitions. The view is in movie time but limited to flat photographic space, seen
through a perceptual keyhole more akin to memories and dreams.
Overlap's melodic minimalist music is created alongside their imagery. Experiments with sound and image are distilled into single
screen pieces - Lazy Wave, Running Forest, Nearfield - useful components for mixing into audiovisual polyphonies in installations
and live performances. Inspired by landscape in all its forms, their working process involves adding and removing layers, degrees
of opportunism and systematized chance.
Limited edition artworks available on s[edition]. Overlap Recordings on Soundcloud.