Pat Badani

Artist, writer and researcher

Pat Badani (b. Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a Canadian American artist, writer and researcher who explores notions of utopia and dystopia through emergent art practices. She considers her experimental projects as a laboratory to filter everyday experiences and relate them to larger concepts: alterity, transculturality, migration, and sustainable living. With each project she integrate new tools, source materials and manners of audience engagement. Having incorporated the interactive and participatory features provided by electronic mediums and devices in online art works and smartphone apps, her recent works engage both physical objects and electronic technologies - co-mingling material and virtual realms. Since 2010 she develops a series of projects using FOOD to inspect cultural relationships that embody socio-political codes of meaning. Her artworks have been showcased in international festivals, symposia, museums and art galleries. She has received over twenty awards and commissions including a media arts research-creation grant from the Canada Council for the Arts for her project “Where are you from?_Stories” exploring the utopian imagination in human migration; support from the “Robert Heinecken Trust Fund” for her project AL GRANO investigating the dystopian impact of GMO corn on maize in Mexico; a DCASE award and a National Endowment for the Arts MacDowell Fellowship for her project Comestible in which she surveys dietic utopias/dystopias in contemporary food-diets. In 2018 she was nominated for an AWAW merit award recognizing women of creative vision in the USA. In 2020 her work was recognized by the Electronic Literature Lab for Advanced Inquiry into Born Digital Media alongside other international e-lit women pioneer and visionaries. Badani has participated in conferences with her essays and talks in over 15 countries. Essays and reviews examining her works have been published in three languages in international solo and group exhibition catalogues, in thematic anthologies, and in journals.