Spire feat. Carlotta Piccinini

Audiovisuelle Performance

zur Performance



Spire's music sits somewhere between a floating lucid dream and a long walk on the dark side of a big city. Being a self-taught guitar player and multi-instrumentalist, with a long carrier as singer-songwriter in post-rock experimental bands (including Franklin Delano, Blake/e/e/e and Boxeur The Coeur), helped Paolo Iocca develop and shape his unique approach to producing. He dropped the traditional instruments and started working with computer and just a few hardware pieces, building the tracks around vocal and music samples and a couple of synths. Spire moves with subtlety through euphoric escapes and arpeggios, moody and oblique melodies, dark dub infected grooves, and sudden breaks of light. A dense and layered body of work filled with complex textures and dramatic changes of scenario, revealing itself more with each listen.

Since the beginning of her career as an artist, Carlotta Piccinini works in a polyhedric way, creating different narrative and visual styles. Since 2010, she has devoted her efforts to video art, social documentaries and creative documentaries. She also works as a live audio/video performer, thus combining her passion for aesthetics and digital technologies with her passion to capture in film human rights issues. She has directed advertising and social communication films, video clips and created interactive installations. The video art and the documentary represent for her an area of constant experimentation, enabling her to develop new styles and narratives when performing in national and international festivals. Her works have been exhibited in Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Belarus and Algeria. She has beenVice-President of EleNfant since 2011.