Work in Progress Performance machinka meets MANDY+JUDITH


When enigmatic producer Mandy Mozart and eclectic bass player / songwriter Judith Filimonova met on hidden pastures midst the Austrian mountains, it just had to be a sign of the Twelve Olympians. The two were meant to produce an elaborate dance vision. Never afraid of cliché, melancholy nor exuberance they make Tesla meet big room rave and mermaids learn to fly again. The duo is from Berlin and Vienna. Mandy is programming synths at Cindy Sizer and Judith is one half of Fijuka.


“Do you remember - we used to fool around?” Judith is asking. Their first single is a nostalgia. A world in our mind, where everything comes back to life in all its vividness. “You keep having a good time!” is a rhetorical outcry to Mandy who seems stuck in Plato's cave. Judith used to know that place, too. Now she wants to rise and emerge! It is time for a goodbye to old times with sweet naivety. ”Mandy, if you are coming, be kind and bring me EDM rave synths, infinite bass drums, cosmic pads and also some of that lightheadedness, we used to life and almost died for. You know, we used to rule the world.” ...