Abstracted Intentions

Marcel Schwittlick


I have been taking very detailed records of the movements I make with my mouse while using the computer, what gained me a repertoire of multi-functional lines, which represent concentrated information, traces of my past. Though, through the extreme abstraction of these movements, the underlying intentions and actions are blurred and the only thing that is left is the feeling that every line used to have an individual intention and has been created unconsciously, without any doubt or aesthetic aspirations. What drove me to this are the fascinating characteristics of the traces of minimalistic human decision making in contrast to the deterministic qualities of mathematical functions. On the search for possibilities to combine the advantages of generative software approaches with the uniqueness of an individual hand-drawn line, I came to the point where I found out that it is impossible to synthesize these human qualities with existing geometrical algorithms or mathematical functions. Due to the predetermined qualities of mathematical functions, one function becomes a closed system and thus naturally disconnects from human thought and feeling. At the same time I was not satisfied with the thought of actually drawing myself, as this active act of intended expression blurs the overwhelming power of unconscious decision making and action.