Amelie Duchow

works in the transitional area between music, art and science


Involved in the german underground clubbing during the 90ies Amelie Duchow’s interest in electronic music leads in building up her own music style by continuously researching for new international electronic and contemporary sound material.In 2007 she moves to Italy and joins the electronic music label Suite inc. In 2007 in collaboration with the media artist Marco Monfardini they launch the project Schnitt an artistic italian/german exchange, motivated by the commoninterest in electronic music and visual art.The duo works in the transitional area between music, art and science focusing with their projects on the coherence between audio and video.Their use of abstract media material combined with the artists individualistic perception towards technology, builds the balance between form and concept of their works.In 2007 the duo Schnitt releases “Pferdchen” ­ 12” for the Swiss label Invisible Recordings; with Registrazioni Italiane they bring out their tracks on “Minimalismo Italiano” and on the compilation Snob Night for RAI Trade.In 2010 Schnitt presents SYNCHROPATH an audio/video project focused on a synchronism as a method of composing. In 2011 SYNCHROPATH is released by Sync on DVD and LP.With SYNCHROPATH, Schnitt participates at several international music/new media festivals as the Elektra Festival/ Canada, Gogbot Festival/ Holland, Blurred Edges/Germany, Open Source Festival/Poland, Robot Festival/Italy.MEMORY CODE is the current audio/video project from Schnitt with the central focus on the visual memory.This immersive audio visual live performance has been presented in contemporary art museums and new media festivals in Germany, Italy and Korea.At the International Feel Festival in Florence 2013 Amelie Duchow presents a preview for her solo audio/video project TONSTICH. TONSTICH is based on the creation of a sonorous dress, an audio/video live performance which explores with sounds and images the creative/industrial process of the realization of an imaginary dress which characteristics are completely entrusted to the sound structure .In 2014 TONSTICH is released on Sync. With this solo project she performs live in Germany, Italy and UK.In 2016 she presents the audio/video installation KLEIDERKONSTRUKTION for the edition BAU 13 at the Gallery for Modern and Contemporary art Lorenzo Vani ,Viareggio/Italy.Amelie Duchow composes her work KLEIDERKONSTRUKTION starting from the construction parameters of a dress paper pattern. An electronic sound stratification gets interweaved with a voice articulating sequentially the numeric formulas deriving from anatomic measures, circumferences and length. The audio composition of KLEIDERKONSTRUKTION is released as a limited edition CD inserted in a soundwave, incised in a white caneté cardboard.In 2016 she collaborates with the author and senior lecturer in film and television studies Gary Needham, presenting together a live audio performance for the event Fashion Continuum at Nottingham Contemporary.The audio composition “Gimp” by Amelie Duchow is inspired by the text “Bringing out the gimp”, Fashion Theory 18:2 by Gary Needham, exclusivly released on CD in collaboration with Yvonne Trew and Gary Needham for the Fashion Continuum event at Nottingham Contemporary, UK.