Hen Lovely Bird

Movement Writer / Creative Director

Born 1977, Seoul, South Korea | Nationality: American | http://henlovelybird.tumblr.com

After performing and presenting dance, sound, and video art in San Francisco for over 10 years, Hen immigrated to Berlin, Germany in 2012, where she co-founded StratoFyzika with Alessandra Leone and Lenka Kocisova. In addition to StratoFyzika, Hen has been a founding member of three other performance collectives, primarily centered in San Francisco: A.R.G. (Anomolous Research Group), Suki Tawdry, and The Black Cactus Choir. She has performed with these groups as a dancer/choreographer, but also as a sound artist and physical/narrative actor. In addition, Hen has been a performance artist in fashion shows, music videos, and dance-for-camera films. She holds a B.A. in Dance and Intermedia Arts from Mills College (Oakland, CA), where she was the recipient of the “Innovative Choreography” award.