a duo formed by Krzysztof Pawlik and Małgorzata Dancewicz


INIRE is a duo formed by Krzysztof Pawlik and Małgorzata Dancewicz. Its name was taken from shamanic initiation practices and describes a ritual passage to an undefined in-between area.


Krzysztof Pawlik is a composer, a video artist and a creator of multimedia presentations, audiovisual scenic realizations and experimental radio programmes. He also creates theatre music and videos used in plays. In theatre, he has collaborated with Lech Raczak, Krzysztof Kopka, Jacek Głomb and Paweł Kamza, amongst others. Pawlik’s solo compositions and installations have been presented at festivals in Poland and Europe (for instance at the Audio Art Festival in Kraków, the WRO Media Art Biennale in Wrocław, Generative Design Lab in Rome, and the Wrocław Industrial Art Festival) and in the framework of individual artistic events organized in Poland and abroad.


Małgorzata Dancewicz is a curator of performative projects who writes texts and scripts for performances and also conducts research. She learnt to sing under Olga Szwajger, amongst others. Dancewicz’s creative interests revolve around the links between performance art and new technologies and the influence of the audiovisual on the development of performative arts. She has presented her scientific and scenic projects at the Wrocław Industrial Festival, the Gender Music Voice conference which was held at the Vinniese Institut für Musikwissenschaft and at many other events.