Live video artist and VJ

A-li-ce (*FR - Berlin) works as a live video artist and as a VJ since 2005. She uses differents techniques such as drawing, animation and video in order to create her hybrid time collages in motion. Currently fascinated by biological structures, she proposes in her recent works some innovative stories between imagination and realities by using on stage what she calls « live organic editing » to create her visual journeys. A-li-ce has showcased her work on the international audiovisual art scene (Mapping Festival (CH), Mira Festival (ES), B-Seite (DE), Vidéoformes (FR), RoBOt Festival (IT), etc.), with solo and collective projects. Attentive to gender and ecology’s issues, she took part to the international Symposium Trans//Border dedicated to the research work of the media theorist Nathalie Magnan (1956 – 2016, FR) and the Sciences philosopher Donna Haraway (*1944, US), which was organized in the MUCEM Museum in Marseille in 2018. Engaged in transmission, she also teaches regularly in art institutions and universities across Europe, leading courses and lectures on live video creation processes. In Berlin, she is part the VJ *feminist collective Trial and Theresa and has co-founded in 2017 the VJ Open Lab community which offers a monthly meeting to the media artists . She also runs in Berlin the Women VJ Program to bring more female artists into the visual performing field and the creative AV Master Class. First Time Here with the visual artist Kalma (ES).