Julia Körner


I was thinking about a project where analog and digital media don't exclude each other - instead they complete each other. So this interactive book was developed. The printed book doesn't tell the right or another story. So to find out the real one, you have to see with your "digital eyes" trough your phone. It uses the augmented reality app called Junaio. Discover more and enjoy!
The story is a childhoodnightmare I had realy often. Finally I decided to illustrate it. The maincharacter is pursued by a puppet - apuppet that is the exactly replication of her. This puppet want to replace the child, there is only one last thing missing to be indentical - a heart.... and guess where it plans to get it from. So the child runs away and searchs for help by people she knows. But everytime she wants to talk to someone it turns out, that they are all puppets too, and they just collapse. Normaly at this point the nightmare ended and I woke up. But for the story: One of the puppets stop with its remaing power the girl and hand her a heart. So this one she can give to the pursuing puppet and the nightmare can dispel.