Marcelina Wellmer

In my studio, I m collecting dust particles - on a pice of black plexiglass. I m waiting one month, and then I photograph the black square - full of dust. After, I clean it, and start to collect the dust in another corner of the room - one month long. Every composition of the dust particles is different, just per random - depended how many people are moving around the place, or what I m doing there daily. On the end it will be a one year of dust.

Me, and my project partner Mauritius Seeger want to animate the photographed particles in C++ and interact with the public with a help from kinetic cameras.

When somebody is moving close to the video, the dust particles starts to fly. The fly is live and random - like in a real live. The situation, and the composition on the screen never repeats. The humans disturb the dust, cause the chaos. Everything happens in silence.

It will be the first realisation of the project, so I don't have in the moment very long description, but the work is close connected to my other works, where I use pattern, randomness, human activity and minimalistic aesthetic.