Fabian Kuehfuss


Rollator is an fully automated walker. A walking frame is driving through the exhibition, assembled with distance sensors he is able to expire his environment. He is a senior-friendly unmanned drone, interacting with his surrounding.


What will be if drones need to rescue themselves because of drone attacks? Is a drone, no longer used for military or police purpose a pensioner? And even all the toy-drones in the First World. Will we find them abandoned at gas stations like undesired pets? 

Our machines getting more and more intelligent, but if we get intelligent machines, should we change our association? If they become artificial intelligence we can´t use them anymore as a tool kit, we need to build up an ethic for our social cohabitation. 

But before we need to ask the question if machines are allowed to determine social behaviour. Should they be allowed to decide between friend and enemy? Or, not that dramatic, between dressed up and ratty? Even this decision at the door of a night club need to be discussed in the context of autonomous drones and artificial intelligence.

Technically is Rollator a atuonomous drone, driven by two Arduino Open Source Controller, powered by a car battery so he can be autonomous for days.