Trees & Keys



To create Trees & Keys Overlap took short sequences of photos in East Sussex, Bordeaux, San Diego and Riverside Counties, California: one frame every ten paces, or one every 30 degrees in a 360 pan. These 'stills' were animated and time stretched to create single component movie sequences, which when overlayed and keyed using Resolume video mixing software, generated illusions of movement, magical complexity, discrepancies, blur, multiple focal planes and voids. This mix of disparate locations captures something of our experience of place. Wherever we are, we are looking through a memory tinted lens which we inevitably overlay onto what we see. If the present is like a 30 frame per second movie, our consciousness is running other fragmented layers simultaneously, but not necessarily at the same rates of playback. Overlap's technique of fragmenting and re arranging vista aims for something that parallels this weave of fragments. In an Overlap landscape, harmonics are dominant and time and place non specific. Multi-layered branches abrade into water like flow, solid colour voids become doors to another place.