by Fabrizio Di Salvo

The sound sculpture locate itself in the discourse about the general social participation in technology. This is metaphorically embedded by the use of various industrial technologies and its transformation into a sound sculpture. This appropriation of technologie emerging from a consuming industrie and the appropriation of computer language, the code, is the central starting point of this work. This idea strives for a social participation of technology in society. The desire behind this, is that structural inequalities should not be carried forward. That we create a technological guild which frees itself from hegemonic relations. Technology should be here to enable a world that is able to resist its capitalist benefits and to offer the world the possibility to see it as a tool to make another advance against social segregation. Is that a utopia? But utopia has to be drawn to make it reality. osz~ is the attempt to breathe life into the objects. To give them a spirit and create a sculpture that may free itself from its past and reinvent itself, far from any capitalist thought. osz~ is a plea to enjoy the blurring boundaries between machine and organism.