Emergent Void

Dan Seeker


Nonlinear systems can be explained but not predicted, they possess amplifying feedback loops, though there are no stochastic perturbations, there are unpredictable behaviors exhibited in these systems.

Chaos Theory is the means to study the behavior of dynamic systems, different from static systems, dynamic systems are changing their own structure as time develops. A pure cybernetic system can be classified as a static system and are designed with all their component interactions predicted and calibrated during its architectural and manufacturing phase. Dynamic systems are systems that change, either from endogenous factors or exogenous factors. One mystery of modern scientific models is how to account for chaos inexplicably leading to greater regularity, or synchrony.

It is in the unfolding dynamics of a salt crystal, in the complexity of the human body and in the deep structures of how our universe was formed, fractal geometry and feedback is a long thread in a timeless cosmic history.