o[e]il - bubbles digitally remixed

Sylvain le Bulleur & VJ Tooms


before the first drop, there is no color, the only light is white. in a small frame, drip-drop, oil is slowly rising, and drawing the most you can suppose, from the full frame to the infinitely small… indeed, optical projection offer a pixel free picture, with a color depth better than technicolor ! Every frame will be field with ever different patterns,
depending on multiple parameters, as density, heat, chemistry... even if we know color mixing, and chemicals interactions, we could not exactly predict path, movement, or reaction. in the same time, the camera is sending this caneva into computers, to remix and multiply it all over the room. really interrested in keeping a part of hazard in the graphic development of the performance, we tray to use computer in the same way we use optical projector, until the first drop comes, the computer screen stay black. obviously, the main part of the process must be prepare in advance, however, the mapping is build real time, no effect are set up in advance, and the loop are elaborated on location. the digital processing allows us to play with patterns, dimensions, and space, wich bring the audiance in a immersive artificial landscanpe…it means nothing,… nothing but only what your imagination can see.