by Kitsune and the Burning Violine


s.p.e.c.i.e is a butoh performance with live music (violin and electronica) and visuals. the dancer is going through various transformative, physical and mental moments accompanied by the sound of the musician. the idea behind this performance, is, that human evolution is engraved as information in the body- cells and genetic material. through butoh, the dancer is trying to „awake“ this information and transform into another, non - human being by leaving behind conventional movements, letting slowly rise precise and unusual movements. so s.p.e.c.i.e. is also an experiment: how can the microcosmos of the smallest living entities like cells or amoeba find its equivalent in the macrocosmos of the human body? 

butoh is a japanese contemporanean dance from the late 50ties of the 20th century. it is frequently regarded as surreal and androgynous, and focuses on primal expressions of the human condition rather than physical beauty.