The Last Island (at the very end of the Earth)

by A-li-ce


« She woke up on a colorful ground full of magic objects Looked up to the sky and realized that the stars were gone How many birds left ? How many planets around us ? Her breathing was slow, Her hands were wet, She was not afraid to jump. » The Last Island is the new solo live audiovisual piece of A-li-ce whose first version was presented at Sonic Visions in December 2019 in Germany. Based on her current artistic and visual research regarding ecosystems and resilience, A-li-ce uses on stage video footages and animated organic patterns, raw sounds and her own voice to lead us at the very end of the Earth, at the thin borders between Science fiction, storytelling and our current realities. The Last Island is a dystopian audiovisual storytelling for our time. By combining live sounds, voices and pictures into a two-projections set up, the performing space slowly turns into a physical moving island, a dystopic area in which the viewers engage into an immersive collective experience.