by Lola and Yukao Meet


Völuspá is an immersive audio-visual performance inspired by an ancient Northern myth about the female shaman dating back from the middle ages. During her trance, she looks into the past and future and tells about the birth of the world from the chaotic cosmos of wind and stars, the big flood, the battles of the creatures and a violent destruction of the earth. The circle of birth and death will continue to occur in new forms. This story not only evokes a mythical past, but also bears some similarity with our contemporary world such as the risk of destructing our planet, the fight between opposed powers, the loss of the original balance with nature… Our remake of the myth is an audio-visual poetry without words with different scenes of dynamics. The digitally augmented visuals are projected on the floor, as a hybrid of performative digital and physical painting, the audience is seated around it. The sound diffusion is spatialised in an octophonic setup surrounding the audience, where the electroacoustic composition and live cello looping is creating a dramatic sonic environment.