Cinema 4d for Visual Artists

by Tobias Gallé



Cinema 4d as a design tool for visual artists. From first steps to advanced usage.

The course will offer an overview of the general handling of Cinema 4d, focusing on the creation of abstract graphics and animations. The quick and easy use of the software will be the main subject as well as how to integrate cinema 4d in the daily work of graphic-/motion-designers and Vj's.

The usage of the program for the design-process and the creation of content in form of loops for vj-sets, graphics for posters or the animation of logos and typography will be covered as well.
Also music and the options of using sound for deforming and animating objects inside of the program is a part of the training. A deeper look will be taken on the mograph-toolset inside the program, that allows manipulation and easy animation of multiple objects. Some of the generative possibilities inside of c4d will be shown and explained.

After the workshop the students should be able to start their own projects in 3D and they should have a general idea of the possibilities that come with Cinema 4d.

The workshop aims at participants with no or minor knowledge of 3d-softwares, but is flexible and could also be presented as an advanced course for more experienced cinema 4d users.
The course can be hold in english or in german.