Projektor Pøblene

by Mads Faste Liang Nilsen


Projektor Pøblene is both an audio/visual collective and a series of video performance and projection mapping workshops geared towards children, youth and social initiatives. The goal of the workshop is not only to transfer technical skills, but also to develop a platform where the younger generation can use digital art to spark debate, reflection og participation in their local enviroment. Through courses, workshops and installations the youth will get experience with project planning, animation, projection mapping, but most importantly, the feeling you get when you create.

In the end of the workshop we will present our pieces on one of the bigger buildings in the festival area, which will documented and edited. The workshop itself will take place over 3-4 days (depending on number of applicants) and the process, as well as the final product, will be documented by cinematographer Gianmarco Donaggio.

As an educated social worker, I know that communication and a good didactic foundation is just as important as professional skills. When I structure my workshops, I use a lot of my pedagogical background. The participants will get a solid theoretical base which serves as introduction to more practical assignments.

Former students from last year workshop will be welcome to join as both students and assistant teachers.

As in all workshops it really depends where you as students wants to go. You can´t make a horse drink, but you can lead a horse to water. As such, the more you bring into this workshop, the more you will receive.


What the participants should bring with them:

- a laptop and make sure it runs the software "Resolume Arena 5" (-> download the demo from

- a camera (smartphone, dslr, gopro) and usb cable

- some basic english as my german skills are limited to "Grüß Gott"

- Good spirit and dedication.