Audiovisuelle Performance


From music oscillating between ambient, noise, drone and glitch and tightly coupled visuals, aesthetically somewhere between Victor Vasarely and raster-noton, arises an immersive live performance that challenges the ear drums and retinas of the audience alike.

The performative audiovisual duo from Karlsruhe, formerly know as Brofist, consists of visual performer Patrick Borgeat and electronic musician Juan A. Romero. After the controllerism ensemble Grainface and the live coding band Benoît and the Mandelbrots, Borgeat and Romero decided to take it a step further and merge their experience into audiovisual compositions.

Both music and visuals are created through code using SuperCollider and C++/Lua/GLSL. The programs are controlled with MIDI controllers and other interfaces. Both performers are connected through a network for synchronization and data sharing. In addition, the audio signal is used to extract features and data in real time to intensify the audiovisual experience even further.