Glitch Robots

Sonic Robots


“Glitch Robot” is an installation by Moritz Simon Geist where acoustic sounds used in electronic music are created by … Robots!

The Installation consists of several robotic actors. When the actors make contact with their instruments, they produce a sonic impression of an omnipresent texture of modern life: electronic music. The music robots used in this performance consists of recycled and 3D-printed parts such as harddisks, relays, tongues, motors and solenoids.

“Glitch Robot” connects mechanical, visible movements to audible sound by using small sound-producing robots. Thus, the installation highlights the origin of the sound in a way no conventional medium of electronic music production is able to. Typically, electronic music eliminates the haptic aspect of sound-generation, creating a void in understanding of how sound, and thus music, is mechanically created.
Furthermore, the “Glitch Robot” injects a constant flow of physical – even humanoid – , glitch-error into the music. A drum beaten by a mechanical robot arm is never as predictable as a computer generated sound. The audible glitches in timing, sound texture and rhythm have a delicate humanoid-robotic appeal.
Consequently, the installation sensualizes the vulnerability and fallibility, which are inherent to technical systems nowadays, but which are often obscured and incomprehensible for the user.