Estereóptico 2.0

by Vigas


With anaglyph videos, the public receives special glasses that make images "jump" from the wall accompanied by a soundtrack composed especially for the presentation. Sounds captured by NASA in their space missions and sound elements of the human body such as heartbeat compose the live performance of the brazilian artist Leandro Mendes - VIGAS .


The audiovisual performance Estereóptico 2.0" is a sensory immersive spectacle, combining visual effects in perfect sync with the audio added to anaglyph optical illusion. All this presented in a unique way through an unprecedented live performance by the artist Leandro Mendes - Vigas. Pre-produced anaglyp videos, experimental tracks with synthesized elements added to mixes of real-time effects, give the dynamics required for a unique atmosphere.


The videos presented are produced with the technique of stereoscopy, where spectators watch the performance using special 3D glasses, with possibility of customization to insert visual programming of the event, in addition to presentation can be adapted to the facade of buildings with specifically video mapping content for each occasion.