generative nights

by Lola and Yukao Meet


Based on cellular automata, the first part of generative nights is a unique experience of mechanical audio and graphical patterns. The steady rhythms and the pixellized visuals combine into pictures that evoke industrial halls, cities at night, or biologist's lab bench. The haunting vocals turn gigantic primitive totems into goddesses who take care of the city at night. Moved by the shamanic rhythms of the loops, luminous vestals, dancers in the dark, and flying guardians, half yamakasi/half angels, haunt the buildings while the city asleep traverses its dreams of fame and wrath.

Alas! mankind freed from its mechanical slavery is caught back by its demons of power and vanity in the last part of the piece. The hand of fate traps the melancholic solitary wanderer, its memory is nothing but a vanishing tattoo on a dusty ground... The visuals and sounds are synesthetically coupled by equipping the visual display with sensors. Just think of the graphics as a huge sequencer of one million interconnected cells with light sensors that capture the activity in some selected places of the visual sequencer. Swarms and particles, spaceships followed by troopers, machine guns and gliders, the visual and sonic landscapes, combined with voice loops and chants, will certainly trigger your imaginary and embark you for an unforgettable journey with and against the machines.