Masks of Light

by Aszyk


Masks of Light, the latest project and AV set by Aszyk, is a culmination of the last few years work. Aszyk started off working as a designer and illustrator but swiftly moved into the land of moving image based on a childhood love of cartoons and video games.

The love of moving image went hand-in-hand with his experience of club culture, going to some of the best nights and raves that the UK had to offer, often showcasing mind-blowing visuals as well as music. Over time he has focused his craft more and more into producing works for live use, stepping away from the linear nature of music videos and into a realm that resembles the nature of a musical performance, visuals as the instrument.


By crafting a huge amount of small visual loops, Aszyk has built up a library of visuals that can be easily manipulated on the fly, creating new compositions that sync up to his tracks with ease. And as well as the visuals, he’s been producing music too, filling his sets with original works, allowing for even more improvised parts and ways to express a feeling.