Organic Bits

by Julian Schäfer


Organic Bits is a audio-visual performance. It's based on a generative system that transforms rhythmic structures into light pattern in real-time. The project focuses on creative human-computer interaction based on the idea to connect synthetic and organic elements on different levels. The system consists of a controller and four acrylic led light bars. The controller receives rhythmic structures and transforms this information into light signals. The controller allows to choose a predefined pattern on a button matrix that controls how the rhythm will be transformed and outputted on the light bars. Moreover it's possible to modulate the current light signals via four control dials. The heart of the controlling unit is an arduino microcontroller, that handles all in- and outputs. the light bars are the visual output of the instrument. Four vertically aligned acrylic bars with integrated addressable led strips. The performance aims to transfer the viewer into a perceptible, digital, analog, synthetic as well as organic world.