Audio.Visual – On Visual Music and Related Media

Cornelia und Holger Lund


Taking the homonymous publication as a starting point, the presentation will push the investigation into the field of audiovisual art production still further, trying to describe the latest developments in Visual Music in relation to new concepts such as post-digitality. As Visual Music, however, is not a phenomenon that exists in a contextual vacuum the presentation proposes to focus on the points of contact between Visual Music and other important concepts in the field of audiovisual art production such as live audiovisual performance, Live Cinema and VJing. Each of these concepts addresses a different angle of contemporary audiovisual production and is contextualized within specific features and related history. Even so, they are all players in the same field, therefore, they can only be defined in relation to each other. Based on a choice of audiovisual examples, the presentation will give an insight in contemporary audiovisual artistic practices and the related theoretical debates.