Creating and contributing cinematic VJ footage

Kyle Lyons


Kyle Lyons from VJLoops.com will give an introduction to his company www.vjloops.com.
• Introduction (short bio on Kyle)
• History (talk about the history of VJLoops.com to present day)
• VJLoops.com webshop (go in depth discussing site details)
• Expanding your reach (discuss selling on other sites, promoting yourself)
• Open for Q&A

Founded in 2005 Kyle wanted to source visuals for club residencies. Due to the high demand of promoters and club owners wanting fresh content weekly and even daily with very minimal budgets Kyle found a need to fill the content void. Instead of creating content relentlessly and tiredly he found that by creating a web shop he could fill the demand for high quality royalty free content which can be used not only in the club setting but also for artists who needed a source of content for creative projects like editing, commercials, marketing, festivals, concerts and corporate events.
Following the introduction Kyle will briefly talk about the history of VJLoops.com until present da followed by diving into the VJLoops site from the visitor perspective to potential contributor (artist). Kyle will go into detail on the process and steps to signup, getting paid, legal talk about front end and back end of the VJLoops.com operation. Workshop attendees will be exposed to the stock footage industry from the VJ perspective. After the “promote yourself” portion attendees will be able to do a Q&A.

Topics covered for VJLoops.com webshop
• Signing up
• Royalties
• copyright, legal
• Creating content (workflows and ideas)
• Technical details & render settings (codecs, resolution, formats, fps)
• meta data (keywords, descriptions, seo)
• Promote yourself (social media and marketing)

Go out in the field with Kyle and get hands on training to learn how to shoot a time-lapse followed by the editing and uploading process.
• Setting up your tripod (pick a good spot, angle, subject matter)
• Adjusting your camera, choosing lenses,
• Setting the timer (How many pictures to shoot, for how long, useful mobile apps)
• Editing techniques, workflow, rendering, uploading, keywording (meta data)


The workshop participants are encouraged to bring their own tripod, camera and timer.