Design in Code

VJ Fader


Design in Code is an introduction to Processing workshop. This workshop is designed for graphic designers and visual artists who are interested in creating generative graphics and interaction through programming code. Processing is an open source and multi-platform programming environment based in JAVA. In this workshop students will learn the basics of programming in Processing and start designing through computer logic.

No previous programming experience is necessary, Mac or PC users are welcome. Due to limited availability (maximum of 12 students), pre-registration is recommended. For any questions or comments please send an email to the instructor at vjfader@gmail.com.

What you will learn:
- Overview of the Processing programming environment.
- Basic interactions using Keyboard and Mouse.
- Introduction to “Variables”, “Operators” and “if” statement.
- Importing, manipulating and animating images (JPG, PNG, and Vector graphics).
- Basic motion manipulation using code.
- “Arrays” and “For Loop” operations.
- Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
- Exporting still images
- Basics of 3D environment.
- MIDI device input
- Live camera input analysis
- live audio/sound input analysis