The Kids are Back

Mads Faste Liang Nilsen


"The Kids Are Back" is an english adaption of a workshop series I am scheduled to hold in Fredrikstad under the Kaleidoscope 2015 Festival. The purpose of the workshop is to give a background to live video performance to those who aren't usually exposed to it. Kids and youth. The workshop will go over 3-4 days days of 2-4 hours each, and end with a performance by the youth. The goal will not necessarily to learn everything, but to develop an understanding how computers can be used as a creative extension, and not necessarily just to play video games.

That is not to say definite skills won't be learned. The course will go through both content creation, VJ´ing and basic projection mapping. The course is based on assignments, and each day will feature and assignment related to the topic of the day. Example:

1. Day one: VJ´ing. The youth will learn about realtime video, and the basics of the selected VJ software. The will be given pre made loops for practice. Later they will, together with the tutor, capture content from the Festival with their smartphones, or camera. Until next time, they will capture more footage that they feel a relation to.

2. Day two: Content. With the content taken from the previous lesson, the youth will learn how to trim their own content and convert to a suitable codec. In the VJ software, they will learn how to use the record function in the VJ software to create their own loops.

3. Day three: Mapping. The youth will learn the very basics of projection mapping, and how to use their own content on irregular shapes. Rest of the day will be spent on practicing.

4. Day four: Performance. The youth will host a small performance with their own content, to music selected by the youth. Everyone is welcome to watch.

Having a background in social pedagogy, I always find it interesting to work with youth and technology. Especially children are very curious and intuitive by heart and, from my experience, have different ways of approaching digital arts, than adults. Digital technology and proficiency gives a democratic freedom, and gives tools previously only available for professionals in consumers hands. I also know how important not just technical skills, but how you communicate those skills to your target audience.

The workshop will be held in english only, and will be adjusted to the final age and number of participants.