Visualizing Perception


Media art is an especially effective means of depicting the labyrinths of our interior lives—that strange alchemy of consciousness that transmutes memories, desires, and experience into the stories that provide each of us with some sort of way to make sense of the world. My work is not about showing what happens to you in your life, but what you remember and how you remember it. In “Visualizing Perception” I’ll show you the methods I’ve developed to create my work.

The mysteries of cognition and the human ability to think in metaphor have become frequent themes in my work. I use traditional and modern media to imagine the complex processes of the human brain, synthesizing different methods of expression into a metaphorical language that not only resembles the stream of messages and subconscious connections making up human perception, but also examines the stream’s causes and effects. In this way, form follows function in my pieces. Style also follows theme.

The aim of the unique ways in which I manipulate image, sound, light and color is to create a vividly surreal universe in which moving bodies, shifting times and events coincide within a tightly enclosed, finite space, cross paths, creating a tapestry of thoughts and emotions: a visual language that goes beyond images, entering intravenously into our visceral understanding.