Generative graphics and music under control

by Lola and Yukao Meet

In a 1996 talk, Brian Eno says that “generative music is out of control, classical music is under control”... In this workshop we propose another approach to generative art for music and graphics, in which human control is high and dynamic, but however preserves the variability of generative art. We will experiment together a postmodern line of artistic research that reconciles human versatile creativity and evolutionary generative processes. Since 2011, we (Lola and Yukao Meet) have explored the artistic potential of a generative art under control. We have progressively acquired skills in the creative combination of human musical and graphical creation with generative artistic processes. The purpose of this workshop is triple:

1. through examples we will illustrate what can be generative art under control in both graphics and music with examples such as scars and wounds, generative patterns as a support for serendipity, control through competition versus cooperation, generative processes as digital and musical effects, generative non-random noise as live graphical or musical textures...

2. through a creative session and practical experiments, we will generate short pieces based on propositions of the participants. The participants will generate sounds and graphics through pure data.

3. if the participants are interested, we can also present and and experiment the tools and programs we use for developing our artistic work.


What the participants should bring with them:

- a laptop with "pure data" installed ->