Quartz Composer

by Martin Meyer aka sinsynplus


Quartz Composer is a node-based visual programming language provided as part of the Xcode development environment in Mac OS X for processing and rendering graphical data. Quartz Composer has many similarities to Max/MSP or Vvvv although its primary usage is for graphical rather than audio processing. The ability to construct interactive video compositions that react to audio or MIDI signals but which can be played from any QuickTime-aware application has caused a great deal of interest in Quartz Composer from VJs.



- explaining the main elements of the GUI (editor, viewer, inspector)

- useful resources on the web like kineme.net

- how to install additional plugins, e.g. kineme core, glTools, syphon

- importing pictures and video, difference billboard/sprite

- making a simple audio reactive wireframe cube

- publishing inputs, using input splitters

- use of framebuffer objects (Render in Image)



- dealing with instances, difference between replicate in space and iterator

- working with structures, feeding a frequency structure in an iterator, generating random structures to draw a line

- quartz composer as a resource for vdmx


What the paticipants should bring with them:

- a laptop or computer running OSX 10.6 or higher apple xcode including graphic tools installed